Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday Cookies!

Every year (okay, for the last two or three years) the Food Network has sent me recipes for 12 cookies at the beginning of the holiday season. I tried to build a bandwagon one year and I had Mom and Makenzie come over for a cookie-making day. That was fun, right? I've looked through the recipes for the 2009 cookies (they have short videos SHOWING us how to make the cookies - huzzah!) and decided that this year I'm adding Hazelnut Tea Cookies (secretly Mexican Wedding Cookies only with hazelnuts - remember back in 2004 when Katy was all about some hazelnuts?) to my repertoire. If it goes well, I'll post the recipe. If you'd like to have a cookie day before the Christmas season gets to be too much and you don't feel like baking anymore, click on the links.
In 2007 we made Jam Thumbprints. They tasted wonderful, but I have a problem using my Prize-Winning Raspberry Jam for cookies. Then again, someone could be using my jam as salsa with his tortilla chips.
Have a Cookie Day! Post your recipes! We totally need more treat recipes on this blog.

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Katy said...

Dude! I love some hazelnuts!