Saturday, August 20, 2011

Peachberry Freezer Jam

Well, it's peach season and that means there are two things you must make before the peaches leave us.  The first thing is Peaches and Cream Pie with Sugar Cookie Crust.  I make this once a year.  Best day of the year.  The other thing you must make is this peachberry freezer jam.  My friend Klixi brought this to us at Christmas time with a dozen warm rolls.  Second best day of the year.  This jam is so delicious and easy to make.  Even a toddler can do it!

8 C Peaches peeled, and mashed

1 1/2 c raspberries, mashed

1 c blackberries, mashed

6 C Sugar

2 - 6 oz pkgs of Raspberry Jell-O

8-10 freezer containers
Our berries were really seedy, so I followed Nicole's Jam Champion Advice and drained off half of the seeds.  I did not, however, follow her advice to not wash the berries and mine was a bit runny, just as she predicted.  Duh.  Always listen to a Jam Champion.

Mix peaches, raspberries, and sugar in a large saucepan. Cook until sugar dissolves, about 10-15 minutes once warm. Add Jello-O and bring to a hard boil. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Pour into containers and put into the freezer.

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Wendy said...

hmmm, I don't remember getting this, oh wait, yes I do. Thanks for reminding me. YUM!!