Saturday, June 21, 2008

the last noodle

as you know, we are three days away from being packed up and shipped out. instead of making the wonderful people who come to pack all of my stuff pack a bunch of food, i have decided to eat it all before they come. we had some friends come over for dinner thursday night. we had caramel popcorn for dessert. now all the popcorn is gone. i am pretty sure that i have one good meal left in the house. it is hamburger soup, emma's favorite. the only down side to that is that it is 100000 degrees here. we might have to eat it chilled.


Nicole said...

Is that ketchup on those noodles? Ew.

allyn said...

well, perhaps. i just googled "picture of macaroni noodle" because i didn't take a picture of the homemade macaroni that i made lasternight. it did not include ketchup. mine should have included a bit more salt, which i added today when i ate it for lunch.
those dingaling kids woke up noah again. poor guy hasn't had a decent nap since school got out. grrrr.