Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weiner and Best Bun

After I got married, I bought the "wrong" hot dogs and the "wrong" bacon for many years. Not on purpose. I figured they were all the same and I could buy the one that is on sale. Now we have our favorites and I don't need to call Brian from the grocery store to make sure I'm not buying something gross. (The Rule of Bacon is usually that the most expensive one that never goes on sale is the one that will taste the best.)

Best Dog (if it's not Polish)

Oscar Meyer Bun Length All Beef Franks

Best Bun

Wonder Hot Dog Buns

What do y'all think? Or are you too good for hot dogs? :)


Makenzie&David said...

I love it when I buy "the wrong" brand of something. It makes me laugh when David knows the difference and cares.

allyn said...

aron just likes to pretend like he knows the "right" way to cook everything. i leave the cooking up to him when he starts asking questions.

melissa said...

I HAVE to have all beef hot dogs. Something about mixing chicken, pork, and beef just ain't right.

Katy said...

What exactly is up with those flourescent pink hot dogs I see around here all the time? Is that a color found in nature? I'm scared of them. Nathan's hot dogs are delicious.

Stephanie said...

I think Nathan's are the best brand of hot dog.